Keep Out Weather Part III - HVAC and HVAC Contractors

Keep Out Weather, Part III HVAC – Some of us in Georgia have turned on the ‘furnace’ already. If you ever listen to A Prairie Home Companion, you’ll hear Garrison Keillor in his “News from Lake Wobegon” weekly address bemoan the townspeople who dare touch their furnaces before November 1st. It’s just not very ‘Lutheran’ [...]

Keep Out Weather Part II - Roofing and Roofing Contractors

Keep Out Weather, Part II Roofs – I was walking a roof the other day and it wasn’t bad. Most roofs are okay. It had a 3-tab asphalt shingle on it. No big deal. Not a horrible product; a lot of us have this on our homes. But it had some years behind it. And [...]

November Fix-It Stuff - Roofing and Roofing Contractors

November Fix-It Stuff The worst thing you can do to a house is put it outside. A few years ago, I built out a church and used all exterior materials inside the building. It was great. Didn’t have to flash anything, gutters didn’t have downspouts, no silly housewrap…Check it out, these rooms don’t even have [...]

Find Contractors In Athens and Atlanta Georgia

Markets – Why Athens & Atlanta? I’ll tell you why: that’s where I work ! My clients are in the Athens area. They’re in the Atlanta area. Over the years the crews I have used for my own homes (projects and personal homes) are in these markets. So there you go. Want to know how [...]

Painters and Paint Contractors - A High Visibility Category

Painters and Paint Contractors This is such a high-visibility category. There’s about 100 million homeowners in the US. Seriously. And every one of these guys needs a painter. That’s just how it is. Do they all need a different painter ? No. Do we have enough painters to go around ? But we can keep [...]

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