Find Contractors In Athens and Atlanta Georgia

Markets – Why Athens & Atlanta?

I’ll tell you why: that’s where I work ! My clients are in the Athens area. They’re in the Atlanta area.

Over the years the crews I have used for my own homes (projects and personal homes) are in these markets.

So there you go.

Want to know how I qualify these guys? I talk to them. I see pictures of their work. Sometimes talk to people they’ve worked for.

Now honestly, my methods don’t guarantee that the work’s always great. It doesn’t always guarantee the dollars always work out right.

But I do a better job than most builders do in this department .I mean, I’m a business guy. I’ve got an MBA – I study this kind of stuff. And I do A LOT better than most homeowners do in picking subs.

Because that’s what I do for a living.

It’s my job to decide who to use for projects and who not to.

And at that end of that process I’m able to advise YOU on who to use. And who not to use.

I’ve been doing this stuff for years. It’s why my friends call me at least 4 or 5 times a week needing ‘a guy.’

And that’s what we’ve got here at

No kidding.

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