Finally: a word about PLUMBERS

This is just the Big Daddy of all ‘guys.’

Everybody wants a good plumber to call – but they want him to work for free. Why is that?

We all want a guy. And we don’t want to pay.

We want favors. But we ourselves deserve to be paid for what we do for a living. Why is that?

The universe is funny that way.

Let me explain how plumbing works to you:

1.     you have a plumbing problem.

a.     Something stinks.

b.     A turd won’t flush.

c.      Sink water is brown and smells like something died.

d.     You vomit after drinking water.

2.     You are sick and tired of the blue toilet from the ‘70s and you want to change it out.

3.     You want to add one of those sunflower nozzles on the ceiling of your shower because you think you’re a rock star or you think now your wife is going to get in the shower with you if you remodel it.

All these are good reasons to call a plumber.

Why? Because I’ve just described to you what plumbing is.

Let me tell you what you don’t want to do:

Any of this stuff yourself. Fact. If you did, you wouldn’t be reading this right now. This blog is for normal, good people. People who maybe could do these things but have full schedules and can’t.

Who are we kidding? You couldn’t do most of this stuff. Only plumbers can.

So call one of my guys!

They can handle these things with one hand on the wheel.

Except maybe something related to worms, vomit, etc. You might have to move if that stuff’s going on.

But floating turds? No probs.

Brown sink water? Easy. Done.

My advice? Remodel the shower. Women can’t stand it. They love nice showers. You know this as well as I do. Spend the money. Make life good again.

Listen to me here.

I’m a professional.


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Finally: a word about PLUMBERS
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