Keep Out Weather Part II – Roofing and Roofing Contractors

Keep Out Weather, Part II

Roofs – I was walking a roof the other day and it wasn’t bad. Most roofs are okay. It had a 3-tab asphalt shingle on it. No big deal. Not a horrible product; a lot of us have this on our homes.

But it had some years behind it. And I wasn’t crazy about this lady’s flashing job. So what did I do? I called a roofer and he came out and flashed it right.

It wasn’t at all in need of some kind of re-roof or any of that. It just needed a service call. No different than my HVAC unit needs serviced like once a year or so. Same thing with my teeth for that matter.

And what happens when we don’t service our teeth once or twice a year? We have to replace them.

And that is a more painful affair.

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