Keep Out Weather Part III – HVAC and HVAC Contractors

Keep Out Weather, Part III

HVAC – Some of us in Georgia have turned on the ‘furnace’ already. If you ever listen to A Prairie Home Companion, you’ll hear Garrison Keillor in his “News from Lake Wobegon” weekly address bemoan the townspeople who dare touch their furnaces before November 1st. It’s just not very ‘Lutheran’ of them, according to the storyteller. They’re a tough people, and shouldn’t have to succumb to such comforts as heat in October? Never mind it might be freezing there already. They’re Norwegian, for Pete’s sake.

Most of us in Georgia, however, are not Norwegian. Or Minnesotan. Not by a long shot. That being said, I want my HVAC to blow warm air anytime I want. And that would certainly include days like today: 45 degrees outside and raining.

Most of us here, though, don’t have furnaces. We have electric heat pumps.

I’m not necessarily advocating changing out to a gas furnace for that wonderful, even heat it provides. (You’re welcome, Greg, from Greg Cowan HVAC). But I am advocating you have good heat from whoever you use.

And I’m advocating that the ducts are clean and don’t blow junk out all over you and your children – dust, bacteria, etc.

So it might be worth a call to get the ‘ol girl serviced before you start making your famous deep-fried turkey legs and homemade pumpkin beer.

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