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November Fix-It Stuff

The worst thing you can do to a house is put it outside. A few years ago, I built out a church and used all exterior materials inside the building. It was great. Didn’t have to flash anything, gutters didn’t have downspouts, no silly housewrap…Check it out, these rooms don’t even have roofs:

But your house does have a roof. And it does have flashing (hopefully). And it does have housewrap (hopefully). Although a house my company is working on right now…well, kind of does….

Check it out: this, by the way, is not housewrap, it’s reflective OSB. Not a bad product, but doesn’t keep out weather.

Behind chimney: ouch !

Master Flasher and Housewrapper Extraordinaire:

Check out the tape at the joints and you can’t see it but there’s flashing around all horizontal surfaces, like over the garage doors. And you can still see the reflective OSB behind it…

What’s the point of all this? Don’t let weather into your house.

Call a builder. Save your house.

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