People call us all the time because they need ‘a guy.’ We’re in the construction business – so why wouldn’t we have one? Generally speaking, we do. So here they are.

Our competitors (Angieslist, Kudzu, etc.) run good sites, but they’re not in construction. They’re business people. Nothing wrong with that – except they don’t really know who to use and who not to.

You’ll use the site if you trust the data. Why trust Dusty’s?

1. The vendors (subs) don’t pay us to be listed. We just list the guys we use and like.
2. We don’t get paid if you use these guys.
3. If you have a good experience, we’ll, you’ll probably come back. And you’ll tell your friends to use the site. And we’ll get our local advertising friends to sponsor the site and keep it running. That way our vendors and customers never have to fork over their cash for finding the right guy.

It’s just local businesses that advertise here, by the way. Local markets – local ads. Stuff we use and need anyways. Honestly, you might want to advertise your own business here. Not a big deal. Not expensive, really. Might be a great help to you…

So tell your friends. Tell your dad. Aunt. Neighbor. Uncle…

And as long as our guys do good work for you, well, we might have a good thing on our hands here.

Drop an email anytime. Make a suggestion. Advertise. Give us some feedback. You name it.

Thanks for stopping by –


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